Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming a new client in my practice. Please send me a quick email (cut and paste) stating the following information:

Client name:

Parent Name (if not the client):




Brief description of what prompts you to seek therapy for yourself or your teen at this time.


Send email to: lcslcsw@gmail.com

Some reminders: I do not accept insurance with the exception of out-of-network. I issue super bills at month end if you plan to file out-of-network. It is your responsibility to file and follow up. I am not responsible for your insurance company’s determination of payment. I am happy to answer questions.  
Forms of payment: I accept cash, check, credit cards, HSA/FSA cards(+4%). 


I typically will get back to you  in 24 hours. Please text 512-660-8006 if that is not the case.